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Unit 33: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences using -ing adjectives or -ed adjectives.

Example: The girl seemed _____ in my thoughts and opinions.
a) interested b) interested - Answer a) is correct.


1. The children looked _____ by the old toys.
a) fascinated b) fascinating

2. I felt _____ after just a short time in the forest.
a) invigorated b) invigorating

3. It was very _____ to win our first game of the season.
a) bad b) badly

4. The recent downward trend in poverty seems _____.
a) encouraged b) encouraging

5. _____ at the thought of moving away, Jonathon began to cry.
a) Terrified b) Terrifying

6. When you're not in good spirits, it is _____ to stay in bed all day.
a) tempted b) tempting

7. One finding that appeared _____ was that birth rates were declining.
a) troubled b) troubling

8. Never had Ann felt so _____ by the landscape she traveled through.
a) charmed b) charming

9. As _____ as it is to be with others, it's crucial to spend some time alone. .
a) comforted b) comforting

10. The working mother was _____ at the thought of being labeled a "homemaker."
a) amused b) amusing

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