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Unit 34: - Adjective Order

Adjective Order

When we use more than one adjective they should be used in the correct order. Adjective order is not entirely fixed but the general sequence is:

-- Determiner - Opinion - Size - Age - Shape - Color - Origin - Material --> Noun
Determiners are words such as a, an , the, this, that. These words are also kinds of adjectives.

For example:
- a famous, old painting
- a big, round table
- an American, cotton shirt

Adjectives of opinion come before adjectives of fact, for example:
- a beautiful, white flower.
"A white, beautiful flower" sounds unusual.

With two or more adjectives commas are optional. For example:
- "A long, dark tunnel" or "A long dark tunnel" are both acceptable.

With two or more color adjectives use and. For example:
- She's got a black and white kitten.
Adjectives other than colors don't use and. For example:
- She's got a little, black kitten.
"She's got a little and black kitten" is incorrect.


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