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Unit 34: Grammar Exercises

Put the adjectives in the correct order.
Determiner - Opinion - Size - Age - Shape - Color - Origin - Material - Noun

Example: Mary has denim a jacket blue -


1. Mike drives car orange old an.
Mike drives .

2. Patty bought house a white big.
Patty bought .

3. Sheila gave Don silk tie a beautiful.
Sheila gave Don .

4. Veronica will wear red long dress the.
Veronica will wear .

5. I will order milkshake a chocolate large.
I will order .

6. Bob and Jill sold rocking antique chair their.
Bob and Jill sold .

7. The high school held useful a meeting neighborhood.
The high school held .

8. motorcycle off-road 20-year-old My doesn't start any more.
doesn't start any more.

9. black Your handbag cute leather must have cost you a fortune!
must have cost you a fortune!

10. pre-war Japanese floats Some glass adorn my wife’s rose garden.
adorn my wife’s rose garden.


Score = Correct answers: