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Unit 35: Grammar Exercises

The structure "as...as" is commonly used in similes - comparisons that show how two essentially unlike things are similar.

Complete the sentences below using the as...as similes in the box.

as white as snow as smooth as silk as slow as molasses as old as the hills as free as a bird
as nutty as a fruitcake as light as a feather as cold as ice as blind as a bat as black as coal

Example: On the first day of his vacation, the boy felt
Answer: On the first day of his vacation, the boy felt

1. The night was

2. Her hateful eyes were

3. Without my glasses, I am

4. The sheets on the bed looked

5. The bicycle looks heavy, but it feels

6. Paragliding is about the closest one can get to being

7. My computer is very fast at times, and at other times it is

8. When I was a child, a man of seventy seemed to me to be

9. After using our body lotion, your skin is guaranteed to feel

10. The man acted so oddly that his neighbors considered him to be


Score = Correct answers:


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