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Unit 36: - Comparatives: Quantity

Comparatives: Quantity

Quantifiers, or adjectives that show quantity, also have comparative and superlative forms.


much/many/a lot of
I have a lot of apples.
I don't have many apples.
I don't have much time.

few - They have a few potatoes.
little - We've got a little rice.


I have more apples than you.
I don't have more apples than you.
I don't have more time than you.

fewer - We've got fewer potatoes.
less - They've got less rice.


He has the most apples.
I don't have the most apples.
I don't have the most time.

fewest -You've got the least potatoes.
least - I've got the least rice.

Remember that:
- many and few are used with countable nouns.
- much and less are used with uncountable nouns.
- a lot of / lots of can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns.

You can also use the "as...as" structure to show equality. For example:
- We have as many candies as you.
- There are as few people in this town as that one.
- She's got as much water as we do.
- I've got as little time as you do.


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