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Unit 36: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences using the appropriate quantifier.

Example: Americans now own _____ dogs and more cats.
a) fewer b) less - The answer is: a) fewer

1. _____ people live in a city than in a town.
a) More b) The most

2. Ethanol produces_____ pollution than gasoline.
a) the least b) less

3. There has been _____ news recently about obesity.
a) many b) much

4. There are _____ fish that are strictly carnivores or herbivores.
a) few b) little

5. Statistically, women are involved in _____ accidents than men.
a) fewer b) the fewest

6. I read that Taiwan has _____ motorcycles per capita in the world.
a) more b) the most

7. Many of the world's farms use _____ chemicals to help grow food.
a) lots of b) much

8. _____ children live in gun-owning households today than in 1980.
a) Fewer b) Little

9. Labor saving procedures are supposed to help you get your work done with ____ effort.
a) the fewest b) the least

10. In emergency situations, it is much preferable to have ____ knowledge than none at all.
a) the fewest b) little

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