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Dialogue Exercises

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Kim: I 1. with my best friend. I remember going with him everywhere!

Ron: Why did you 2.

Kim: We 3. 30 at the same time, but then he got a new job and moved to a new city.

Ron: I 4. that. Have you talked to him recently?

Kim: Yes, but I 5. him more often.

Ron: I 6. far apart is difficult.

Kim: It is. I 7. time with him!

Ben: Do you 8. to the movies?

Heather: No, I 9. a new swimsuit at the store.

Ben: Oh, I 10. you - I bought you a new swimsuit already!

Heather: You did?? You 11. money for our trip!

Ben: I 12. for it before but you said no, so I bought it when I went shopping alone!

Heather: That's nice of you, but I 13. it.

Ben: I 14. my money back from the store when I return this.

Heather: I don't 15. you upset, but you 16. money!


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