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Unit 38: Grammar Exercises 2

1. We should discuss _______ to the mall later today.
A) to go
B) going

2. I think ________ poor people is a noble cause.
A) to help
B) helping

3. Have you ever tried ______ a new language?
A) to learn
B) learning

4. Business is about ________ larger and maintaining customers.
A) to grow
B) growing

5. I need _______ to your brother. Where is he?
A) to talk
B) talking

6. How can you allow your daughter ________ that terrible boy?
A) to date
B) dating

7. My first goal is ________ a new kind of product that will revolutionize the world.
A) to make
B) making

8. ___________ a new language is difficult.
A) to learn
B) learning

9. Staying off the streets at night keeps children from ________ bad decisions.
A) to make
B) making

10. __________ computer games is the best way to ruin your eye sight.
A) to play
B) playing