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Unit 3: Dialogues

Everyday Questions

Listen to the 3 conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Tyler: Sylvia, when do you get up?
Sylvia: I get up at 7.30, and then I eat breakfast at 8.00. When do you get up?
Tyler: Oh, I get up around 8.30.
Sylvia: Wow, lucky you!


Sylvia: What music do you like?
Tyler: Oh, I don't know, I like jazz, some pop music. How about you?
Sylvia: I like Korean pop music. It's great!
Tyler: Wow, that's great. Is it popular?
Sylvia: In Korea and Asia, yes, it's really popular!


Sylvia: So Tyler, what does Jeff do?
Tyler: Jeff's a doctor, he works at Green Park Hospital.
Sylvia: Oh that's good, and Sarah, what does she do?
Tyler: Um, she's a teacher. She teaches at Green Park Elementary School.
Sylvia: Does she teach math?
Tyler: No, she teaches English!


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