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Unit 40: Grammar Exercises

The zero conditional (using If you can't...) is often found in old sayings and proverbs.

Complete the sayings and proverbs below using the clauses in the box.

you can't be helped. better not show your teeth. be thankful for what you have escaped. then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning. join them.
don't say anything at all. adjust your sail. you can't rule. get out of the kitchen. somebody else will.

Example: If you can't take the temperature
Answer: If you can't take the temperature

1. If you can't serve

2. If you can't beat them,

3. If you can't bite,

4. If you can't take advice,

5. If you can't control the wind,

6. If you can't stand the heat,

7. If you can't laugh at yourself,

8. If you can't say anything nice,

9. If you can't be a good example,

10. If you can't be content with what you have received,


Score = Correct answers:


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