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Unit 40: Grammar Exercises 2

Word Bank:

you can’t leave the kitchen table.

don’t come to my house.

don’t open them.

speak it every day.

call the host and cancel your invitation.

you can still arrive in time.

they can’t be in the same room.

you’re in trouble.

don’t use it.

don’t eat them.

1. If you can't go to the party, .

2. If you don't finish your dinner, .

3. If you hurry, .

4. If the children can't play together, .

5. If you don't come here right now, .

6. If you don't like me, .

7. If the computer doesn't work, .

8. If you hate green beans, .

9. If you can't be grateful for your gifts, .

10. If you want to learn a new language, .

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