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Unit 41: Grammar Exercises

Using the rules for first conditionals, complete the sentences below.

Example: If the teacher _____ come, who _____?

a) doesn't... will teach
b) does... won't teach - The answer is: a) doesn't... will teach

1. I _____ say anything if you _____.
a) don't... won't b) won't... don't

2. What _____ if you _____ get a job?
a) do you do... won't b) will you do... don't

3. If a soufflé _____ punctured or shaken it _____.
a) is... will collapse b) will be... collapses

4. If teachers _____ earn respect, students _____ give it.
a) don't... won't b) won't... don't

5. You _____ asked to leave if you _____ follow the rules.
a) are... won't b) will be... don't

6. If you _____ keep up with the payments, you _____ your home.
a) don't... will lose b) won't... lose

7. Ladybugs _____ fly if the temperature _____ below 13 degrees Celsius.
a) don't... will be b) won't... is

8. What _____ you get if you _____ a huge, hairy monster with a penguin?
a) do... will cross b) will... cross

9. We _____ your deposit if you _____ your reservation more than 7 days in advance.
a) return... will cancel b) will return... cancel

10. If the company _____ bankrupt, how _____ able to pay our bills and feed our families?
a) goes... will we be b) will go... are we

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