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Unit 41: Grammar Exercises 2

Word Bank:

you will have to sit at the table all night.

you will miss a fun time.

you will be in trouble.

I will let you know.

I will buy you a different drink.

I will stay up all night working on it.

the team will be so happy.

we will feel well-rested.

you will have to buy a new one.

I will pay for your ticket.

1. If you don't come here right now, .

2. If you don't finish your dinner, .

3. If you can't come to the party, .

4. If the computer doesn't work, .

5. If you don't like coffee, .

6. If I find your cell phone, .

7. If we win the game, .

8. If you want to go to the movies with me, .

9. If we go to bed early, .

10. If the teacher gives us homework, .

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