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Unit 42: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences below with the correct indefinite pronoun.

Example: I have _____ to go.

a) nowhere b) nobody - The answer is: a) nowhere

1. _____ you can do, I can do better.
a) Anybody b) Anything

2. I have _____ important to tell you.
a) somebody b) something

3. Can _____ reliably predict an earthquake?
a) anyone b) anywhere

4. We're bored because there's _____ to do.
a) anything b) nothing

5. I thought I had heard voices, but _____ was there.
a) nobody b) somebody

6. Here's fifty dollars. You can buy _____ you want.
a) anyone b) anything

7. We don't want _____ telling us what we should do.
a) anybody b) nobody

8. _____ tastes as good as Cola Rola. It's the best drink in the house!
a) Anything b) Nothing

9. No one is really sure how the universe and _____ in it was created.
a) everything b) nothing

10. Are you taking her _____ special tonight, like an expensive restaurant?
a) anywhere b) everywhere

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