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Unit 42: Grammar Exercises 2

1. Do you know _______ who has a dog?
A) somebody
B) something

2. ___________ understands me. I feel like I have no friends.
A) nobody
B) somebody

3. Is there ________ you need me to buy for you at the store?
A) something
B) anything

4. ___________ you tell me is a lie, so I don't listen to any of it.
A) anything
B) everything

5. I want to go to ________ restaurant that serves Coca-Cola.
A) some
B) any

6. The little boy wants his mother to buy ________ in the store for him.
A) everything
B) everywhere

7. _________ you go, I'll follow you because I love you.
A) anywhere
B) somewhere

8. Do you have ______ that will help cure my headache?
A) somewhere
B) anything

9. __________ is too expensive for me because I am rich.
A) nothing
B) anything

10. Can you ask ___________ where the bathroom is?
A) somebody
B) everybody