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Unit 43: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences below using must or a form of have to.

Example: You _____ light a naked flame near the gas pumps.

a) don't have to b) must not - The answer is: b) must not

1. Victoria _____ wake up at 4:00 in the morning yesterday.
a) had to b) must

2. I strongly believe that they should _____ ask permission.
a) have to b) must

3. Can _____ reliably predict an earthquake?
a) anyone b) anywhere

4. When I was young, I _____ do many things for myself.
a) didn't have to b) must not

5. While operating a motor vehicle, you _____ drink and drive.
a) don't have to b) must not

6. Why _____ a new year come for us to make changes in our lives?
a) has to b) must

7. You _____ wear a tie, but you can wear one if you want to.
a) don't have to b) must not

8. The weather became so severe that all of the workers _____ be sent home.
a) had to b) must

9. Bill _____ see everything at once because he can always visit again.
a) doesn't have to b) must not

10. _____ all of the current assumptions about the universe one day be revised?
a) Have to b) Must