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Unit 45: Grammar Exercises 2

Using "would".

1. Offer someone a drink using would. (ie. Would you like...)

2. Offer someone help using would.

3. Offer someone to borrow your car using would.

Use hypothetical "would" to rewrite these sentences.

4. You will be a great dancer.

5. I will make a wonderful teacher.

6. If the weather were nice, I will visit the beach.

7. I will eat dessert if I weren.t full already.

Use past habit "would". Rewrite the sentences.
Sentence: When I was young, I played with my friend every day.
Answer: When I was young, I would play with my friend every day.)

8. Every morning, my mom gave us cereal for breakfast.

9. As a family, we went to the park every Sunday.

10. I often read books before bed when I was a teenager.

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