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Unit 46: Grammar Exercises 2

Match the sentence with its response.

1. Would you mind helping me wash dishes?

2. I wish Joni would call me.

3. I wish he would leave me alone.

4. Would you rather stay home tonight?

5. I would rather visit Italy than Spain.

6. Would you mind closing the door?

7. Tom wishes Jane would love him.

8. I wish they would show something good on TV.

9. Would you rather swim or run for exercise?

10. Would you mind waiting here for me?

a. She will call you soon, I'm sure.
b. No, I want to go out tonight.
c. She does love him!
d. Not at all. I will wait right here.
e. Change the channel to find something good.
f. Ask him to stop bothering you.
g. Of course not! I'll come to the kitchen.
h. I'd rather run.
i. Not at all. Is a breeze coming in?
j. Let's go there, then!

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