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Unit 4: Dialogues

Essential Information

Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Sylvia: Tyler, what's your telephone number?
Tyler: It's 724-0458.
Sylvia: OK, and do you have a mobile?
Tyler: Yep, it's 018 234-7439. How about you? Do you have a mobile?
Sylvia: No, I don't, but I have email.
Tyler: That's great. What's your address?
Sylvia: It's
Tyler: Great, thanks!
Sylvia: No problem, see you later!


Man: So, what are your first and last names, please?
Sylvia: My name's Sylvia, Sylvia Waters.
Man: And how do you spell that?
Sylvia: S-Y-L-V-I-A W-A-T-E-R-S
Man: Thankyou. Now, what's your address?
Sylvia: 19, Rosewood Street, Toronto.
Man: And your postal code?.
Sylvia: It's M1C 2P3.
Man: Well, that's everything. Thanks for your time, Sylvia.
Sylvia: You're welcome. Goodbye!


Tyler: How's your family?
Sylvia: They're fine. My Mum's busy at home, and my two sisters are really busy. They have exams now. Is your family OK?
Tyler: Sure, everybody's fine and my brother has a new job.
Sylvia: Oh, that's great news. Congratulations!


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