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Unit 51: Dialogues

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Boss: How long have you worked in the internet advertising industry?
Applicant: I have worked in this field since 2002.
Boss: Wow, that’s quite a bit of experience.

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Tyler: Have you visited Georgia yet?
Sylvia: No, but I have visited the South. I have gone to Florida and Alabama, but not Georgia.
Tyler: Ok, did you go there on vacation?
Sylvia: Yes, I went there for fun. However, I also went to Florida last year for work reasons.

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Father: Have you visited Grandma this week?
Daughter: Yes, I went to see her yesterday.
Father: Have you seen Grandpa lately?
Daughter: No, I haven’t seen him. When I was visiting Grandma, he wasn’t there. He had gone out shopping for groceries.


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