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Unit 54: Grammar Exercises

Fill in the blanks with either a past simple or a present perfect form of the verb.

Complete the sayings and proverbs below using the clauses in the box.

Example: That actress is amazing! I really think she more beautiful with age. (become)

1. We tennis five times last week. (play)

2. I the new James Bond movie last week. (see)

3. We the TV you are watching since 1974. (own)

4. My daughter on her own for six years now. (be)

5. I returned the shoes I bought at the mall because they . (not fit)

6. My nephew in Germany all his life and he still lives there. (live)

7. Since the weather was so nice I my bicycle to work yesterday. (ride)

8. Alligators, which are common in Florida, for tens of millions of years. (exist)

9. I from my friend in over a year. I wonder what he is doing these days. (not hear)

10. I this fish fresh today. It’ll taste great when we eat it. (catch)


Score = Correct answers:


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