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Unit 58: Grammar Exercises

Example: The book _______ by John Sylvester.

a) was written
b) wrote
c) written

The answer is: a) was written

1.The movie _____ by Disney.
a) was created
b) created
c) was creating

2. The cook ____ famous for his spaghetti.
a) gets
b) is
c) was got

3. The play ______ by the entire school.
a) seen
b) was seen
c) sawed

4. The cat _____ by the dog
a) chased
b) was chasing
c) was chased

5.The dog ____ by his owner.
a) fed
b) was fed
c) was feeding

6. The exam _____ by the students.
a) taken
b) was taken
c) was taking

7. The baseball ____ very far.
a) hit
b) hitting
c) was hit

8. I _____ in New York.
a) born
b) was born
c) was borned

9. Our hearing _____ delayed.
a) got
b) was got
c) was gotten

10. He ____ known for his work in Africa.
a) gets
b) was gotten
c) is