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Unit 59: Grammar Exercises 2

Write the sentences in reported speech. Remember to change words like "here" and "today" because they are no longer true in reported speech. (Here = there, today = that day, this = that)

1. I said, "She will be here later."

2. I said, "I was at the park today."

3. I said, "He won't give me anymore money."

4. I said, "She is working today."

5. I said, "I have been living here for two years."

6. I said, "This coffee is delicious."

7. I said, "I don't want to go back to Ohio."

8. I said, "My watch hasn't been working for a while."

9. I said, "They aren't talking to me right now."

10. I said, "We should go see a movie later."

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