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Unit 5: Dialogues


Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Tyler: Oh, that looks nice. What is it?
Sylvia: It's a present from Carla.
Tyler: Who's she?
Sylvia: I sit next to her at work.
Tyler: Oh, I see. Well, do you want to open it?
Sylvia: Sure. Ooh, it's a pair of earrings.
Tyler: Do you like them?
Sylvia: Yes, I love them!


Tyler: Hey Sylvia, do you like this picture?
Sylvia: Sure, it looks nice. Who are they?
Tyler: They're my family.
Sylvia: Really! So who is he?
Tyler: He's my brother, everybody likes him. Look, that's my father.
Sylvia: Oh, I know him. He looks just like you!


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