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Unit 62: Grammar Exercises

Example: Class is so boring. I wish I _____ home.

a) could go
b) go
c) be eating

The answer is: a) could go

1. I wish I ____ my job.
a) quitting
b) could quit
c) am quit

2. It is so quiet. I wish they _____ some music.
a) would put on
b) are putting on
c) would be

3. I wish I ____ good at sports
a) am
b) would
c) was

4. I wish my kids _____ their homework.
a) would
b) would be doing
c) would do

5. I wish we ____ spaghetti for dinner.
a) had
b) am having
c) would had

6. I wish I _______ chemistry when I was in high school.
a) would take
b) had taken
c) am taking

7. I wish I  ____ the right time to buy a house.
a) knew
b) would knew
c) know

8. I wish I _____ a little bit taller.
a) am
b) would was
c) was

9. I wish I _____ no longer have to go to work.
a) would
b) was
c) would be

10. I don.t like that place. I wish I _____ there.
a) gone
b) had never gone
c) had no go