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Unit 64: Grammar Exercises 2

1. He can run _______ than the other boy.
A) more good
B) faster

2. This apple tastes _______ than the last apple.
A) farther
B) better

3. I feel ________ than I did before.
A) well
B) worse

4. Please walk more _________, I can't keep up!
A) slow
B) slowly

5. Jane drove __________ down the street.
A) fast
B) quickly

6. This trip through the jungle feels __________ than sitting at home.
A) dangerouser
B) more dangerous

7. My leg hurts ________.
A) bad
B) badly

8. The ________ you work, the more success you will have.
A) hard
B) harder

9. This is an _________ test. I am sure I passed it.
A) easy
B) easily

10. I don't feel very ________.
A) good
B) well