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Unit 65: Grammar Exercises 2

Match the part of the sentence with the other part.

1. This is the doctor

2. My cat is the animal

3. There are many people

4. This is the watch

5. I would like to travel to a place

6. This is the movie

7. My brother is the one

8. We should play a game

9. This is the restaurant

10. That is the reason

a. where people are happy and free.
b. who like to watch football in the USA.
c. who always makes me feel better.
d. why I can't go with you today.
e. who cures people's illnesses.
f. where we ate dinner together.
g. that includes all of us.
h. that likes to climb trees.
i. which I bought for my girlfriend.
j. which has Brad Pitt as the star.

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