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Unit 66: Grammar Exercises

Example: Do you know _______ ?

a) where the bus station is
b) the bus station is where

The answer is: a) where the bus station is

1. I can't remember if ______ ?
a) we have class today
b) do we have class today

2. I don't suppose you ______ ?
a) give me a loan
b) could give me a loan

3. _______ the checks come in the mail?
a) You know
b) When do

4. ________ if he trusts me?
a) Does
b) Do you know

5. ________ what time the sporting match starts?
a) Do you know
b) When

6. ______ happen to know his name?
a) What
b) Do you

7. Do you know ______ ?
a) what the luckiest number is
b) luckiest number

8. Where _____ the bus station?
a) is
b) do you know

9. ______ happen to know the recipe for this dish?
a) What
b) Do you

10. I can't remember ________ homework?
a) if we have any
b) we have any