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Unit 67: Grammar Exercises

Example: Before I ate lunch, I _______.

a) had exercised for a long time.
b) had a lot of hunger.

The answer is: a) had exercised for a long time.

1. Before I took chemistry, I ______ any science classes in my life.
a) had not taken
b) have not taken

2. I have not seen that movie, but I ____ to see it.
a) wanted
b) want

3. Before they visited Italy, they _____ been to Europe
a) had not
b) have not

4. Before I took dance class, I ____ afraid of dancing.
a) was
b) am

5. Since I have not cleaned my apartment in a month, I desperately ____ to clean it.
a) needed
b) need

6. I was very hungry, so I _____ a pizza.
a) order
b) ordered

7. Since the road is closed, we _____ take that route.
a) can not
b) am not

8. I am worried how I will do on the test today, since I ____ studied for the test.
a) have not
b) had not

9. Before I visited Tom's family for Thanksgiving, I ______ met his parents.
a) have not
b) had not

10. I want to go to a museum, since I _____ visited one.
a) have never
b) had never

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