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Unit 68: Grammar Exercises

Example: I am going to the gym on Monday this week, but next week I ______ on Thursday.

a) am going
b) will be going

The answer is: b) will be going

1. Next week I will be in New York, and I _____ to the Statue of Liberty.
a) will be going
b) am going

2. If I continue to be sick, I ______ to the doctor tomorrow.
a) will be going
b) had been going

3. I have not learned a foreign language yet, so I _______ to start learning one now.
a) will be going
b) am going

4. I have never gone to a baseball game, but I am excited that I ______ to one tomorrow.
a) will be going
b) had been going

5. If I eat a big lunch, I ______ hungry for dinner.
a) am not be
b) will not be

6. Since she did not save her money and cannot afford to travel, she ______ going on vacation this coming summer.
a) will be
b) will not be

7. Since I am allergic to all pets, I ______ get a cat in my lifetime.
a) will never
b) am never

8. Because both the mom and dad used to be scared of flying, they ______ flown anywhere until they took a relaxation course last month.
a) had never
b) will have never

9. He has never had a girlfriend, but he ______ a girlfriend next year when he starts college.
a) will probably have
b) will not probably have

10. I have never ate sushi, but I ______ sushi next week when we go to a Japanese restaurant.
a) had ate
b) will be eating

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