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Unit 6: Dialogues

Locations and Places

Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Sylvia: Hello? Excuse me, where's the post office?
Tyler: Oh, it's on Weasley Road, next to the large supermarket.
Sylvia: OK, thanks. And, how do I go there?
Tyler: Well, you go straight to the corner, then turn right. Walk maybe 5 minutes, and it's next to the supermarket. You can't miss it.
Sylvia: Great, thanks ever so much!
Tyler: You're welcome.


Tyler: Hello, can I help you?
Sylvia: Yes, I'm looking for Mrs. Plank.
Tyler: And what's your name?
Sylvia: Sylvia Waters.
Tyler: One moment please... Yes, Mrs. Plank is in her office on the second floor, room number 206. Take the elevator on your left, press "2", and it's on your right.
Sylvia: Thankyou very much.
Sylvia: Your welcome.


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