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Unit 70: Grammar Exercises 2

Match the sentence with its meaning.

1. I get to see my father today!

2. I have to teach today.

3. I will have my brother help me.

4. I got my hair cut.

5. You get to leave work early.

6. We have to go on vacation.

7. We get to go on vacation.

8. I will have the house cleaned.

9. Rick gets to buy a new car.

10. I had my computer fixed yesterday.

a. It is a privilege for you to leave.
b. He is excited about the opportunity.
c. I have an obligation to do it today.
d. I'm excited to see him.
e. Someone did it for me.
f. I will find someone to clean it.
g. I will ask for his assistance.
h. Someone fixed it for me.
i. We need to leave.
j. We have the privilege of leaving.

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