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Unit 7: Dialogues

Food and Drink

Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Sylvia: Tyler, do you have any coffee?
Tyler: Erm, no, I don't have any, sorry. I've got some tea though, do you want some?
Sylvia: Oh yes, please.
Tyler: And, do you want a cookie too?
Sylvia: Yes, please.
Tyler: OK, two teas and cookies coming up!


Tyler: Let's have some lunch, I'm really hungry.
Sylvia: Me too. We have some chicken in the refridgerator, do you want some?
Tyler: Yea, that sounds great.
Sylvia: Or I we've got some tacos in the cupboard, and there's an apple pie as well.
Tyler: Do you have any juice?
Sylvia: Sure, it's over there. Just help yourself.
Tyler: Thanks.
Sylvia: Your welcome.


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