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Unit 7: Grammar

Question Words

Question words are used to ask what we are talking about.

Questions using question words follow this order: Question word - Auxiliary verb - Subject.
Here are some question words and example sentences:

Question Word










To ask about the nature of things and substances.

To ask about location.

To ask about identity

Top ask about posession

To ask about reason and purpose

To ask about time

To ask about a set of choices.

How has several usages, including asking about process and method.


What color do you like?
What time is it?

Where are you?

Who is he?

Whose pen is this?

Why are you happy?

When do you get up?

Which one do you want?

How do you make coffee?

To make a question with question words in the Simple Present, you simply make a normal question, and then put a question word in front. For example:

With the verb "to be":
- Statement: His name is Tyler.
- Question: Is his name Tyler?
- With a Question Word: What is his name?

With other verbs:
- Statement: I like flowers.
- Question: Do you like flowers?
- With a Question Word: Why do you like flowers?


Now try these exercises, using the correct question word and the correct auxiliary verb.


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