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Unit 8: Dialogues


Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Sylvia: Excuse me, how much is this bag?
Salesperson: One moment..., it's $29.
Sylvia: And how much is this scarf?
Salesperson: That's $25.
Sylvia: Oh, that's too bad, I have a coupon for $50.
Salesperson: Ah, well this is on sale, it's only $15. It's very popular.
Sylvia: Oh great, so how much is that altogether?
Salesperson: That's $44.
Sylvia: Great, that's perfect!


Tyler: So, what do we need?
Sylvia: Well, we don't have much milk or bread.
Tyler: Right, and we don't have many apples left.
Sylvia: OK. Do we have enough water?
Tyler: Erm, I'm not sure. We don't have a lot.
Sylvia: So, buy six bottles off water. And how about tomatoes?
Tyler: Oh, we don't need them just now. We've got lots at home.
Sylvia: OK, sounds great!


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