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Unit 8: Grammar

Object Pronouns

Subjects are what a sentence is about. For example:
- I like rice.
In this sentence I is the subject - I is what the sentence is about.

Objects are what is affected by the action of the subject. For example:
- I want a table.
- I am reading a book.

Object pronouns are used instead of object nouns, usually because we already know what the object is.
- My friend's name is Hyun Ju. I really like her.
- I like this book. I read it every day.

The Subject and Object Pronouns are as follows:


I - Me

You - You

He - Him

She - Her

It - It


We - Us

You - You

They - Them

Subject pronouns are not normally used on their own in short answers. We use object pronouns, for example:
- Who want some candy? Me! / Not me!
- Who wants some candy? I / Not I! This is very unusual.



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