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Introductions - Informal 1

1. Script

Tyler: Excuse me, er, haven't I seen you around before?

Sylvia: Oh Hi.., er.., yea sure! I think I've seen you in the canteen before.

Tyler: Yea, right! My name's Tyler by the way, Tyler Saunders.

Sylvia: Nice to meet you, I'm Sylvia.

Tyler: Nice to meet you too, Sylvia. So, what are you majoring in?

Sylvia: Oh, I'm studying English Literature, it's a lot of work but so far it's going OK. How about you?

Tyler: I'm here on an exchange program to study English.

Sylvia: Wow, great!

Tyler: Yea, it's a big change from back home, but so far so good. I'm on the way to the canteen now, maybe we could get a coffee?

Sylvia: That sounds good but I'l have to pass, I gotta go to class now. Maybe another time.

Tyler: Yea Ok, that would be great. I hope I see you around again.

Sylvia: Absolutely, me too. Don't be a stranger!

Tyler: Bye for now, then!

Sylvia: Bye, Tyler.