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Phase 1 of US Military Campaign Against Iraq Under Way - Gapfill Answers

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QUESTIONS: Gapfill - Answers: Multiple Choice - Answers


1) The United States launched missiles at:
a) all of Iraq
b) weapons of mass destruction
c) specific targets in Baghdad
d) Kuwait

2) Iraq responded with:
a) missiles aimed at America
b) virus bombs
c) wailing sirens
d) anti-aircraft guns

3) Hours later,
a) Iraqi missiles hit America
b) there were many police cars and ambulances
c) there were reported casualties
d) Iraqi missiles hit Kuwait

4) Saddam's information minister said:
a) he thought Saddam was a criminal
b) he thought the Americans would succeed
c) he thought the Iraqis wouldn't succeed
d) he thought the Americans wouldn't succeed

5) According to the Cable News Network:
a) about 2.5 million leaflets were dropped by Saddam Hussein
b) as many as 2.5 million leaflets were dropped on Thursday
c) about 2.5 million leaflets will be dropped next Thursday
d) about 2.5 million leaflets with gas masks were dropped

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