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US, British Forces Move Quickly to Secure Key Military Targets and Oil Fields

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QUESTIONS: Gapfill - Answers: Multiple Choice - Answers


1) The main subject of this article is:
a) US soldiers have been captured
b) Iraqi soldiers have been captured
c) Important Iraqi military targets have been captured.
d) Important U.S. and British military targets have been captured.

2) Generally speaking:
a) almost all Iraqi soldiers are surrendering
b) almost no Iraqi soldiers are surrendering
c) Many soldiers are surrendering, while many also fire at troops
d) U.S. troops will not accept surrendering troops

3) According to the article:
a) Iraqi soldiers shot down a U.S. helicopter.
b) A U.S. warplane was shot down on Friday, but the Pentagon denies this.
c) A U.S. warplane was shot down in Kuwait.
d) A U.S. warplane was shot down on Friday, and the Pentagon confirms this.

4) The Pentagon released a statement saying:
a) Iraq is running out of water.
b) Iraq could stop Iran from having water.
c) Iraq may use water as a weapon against the invading troops.
d) Iraq is being flooded with water by the invading troops.

5) There may be a major humanitarian crisis because:
a) if Saddam Hussein releases water from reservoirs, thousands will be homeless.
b) The war is killing so many Iraqis.
c) They are running out of water.
d) Thousands of Iraqis are surrendering to the U.S.

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