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Phase 1 of US Military Campaign Against Iraq Under Way - Gapfill Answers

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QUESTIONS: Gapfill - Answers: Multiple Choice - Answers


1) This article begins by talking about:
a) the first day of war
b) the first night of war
c) the second day of war
d) the second night of war

2) Explosions were heard:
a) near two ministries
b) near two of Saddam Hussein's palaces
c) near aircraft
d) all over Iraq

3) Donald Rumsfeld's occupation is:
a) A general
b) a reporter
c) a politician
d) the vice-president of America

4) The U.S. is not sure it was actually Saddam Hussein on Iraqi television because:
a) Saddam Hussein looks like a lot of people.
b) Saddam Hussein is probably too afraid to be seen on TV.
c) Saddam Hussein has several people trained to look like him.
d) Saddam Hussein rarely appears on television.

5) According to the article:
a) Saddam Hussein can still safely leave Iraq.
b) If Saddam Hussein leaves Iraq by Wednesday, the war will stop.
c) Saddam Hussein wil go into exile on Wednesday.
d) It is too late for Saddam to leave Iraq.

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