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Kenyans Proud of Nowhere in Africa's Oscar Nod

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Kenyans Proud of Nowhere in Africa's Oscar Nod
Katy Salmon
25 Mar 2003, 17:09 UTC


1) Kenyans are delighted because:
a) A movie was made in Kenya.
b) A movie made in Kenya won an Oscar.
c) Kenya's film and tourism industries are growing.
d) A Kenyan movie was produced by a German company.

2) According to Jenny Pont:
a) The movie will bring unwanted publicity to Kenya.
b) The movie will bring benefits mainly to Kenyan tourism.
c) The movie will bring benefits to the film industry around the world.
d) The movie will bring benefits to Kenyan film and tourism.

3) Nowhere In Africa is about:
a) A Nazi family that flees Kenya.
b) A Kenyan family that flees Nazi Germany.
c) A Jewish family that flees a farm in Nazi Germany.
d) A Jewish family that flees from Nazi Germany to Kenya.

4) Film-makers often go to South Africa instead of Kenya because:
a) It is difficult to get insurance, and South Africa is seen as safer less corrupt.
b) South Africa is cheaper.
c) the State Department does not let filmmakers go to Kenya.
d) Kenya is currently too dangerous.

5) Kenya's toursim is currently in a slump because:
a) U.S. and British governments forbid people to go there.
b)The U.S. embassy in Nairobi was bombed recently.
c) Kenya's tourism industry is no longer economically vital.
d) U.S. and British governments have officially warned that terrorists may target Kenya again.

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