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China Begins to Acknowledge Scope of SARS Infection

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QUESTIONS: Gapfill - Answers: Multiple Choice - Answers


1) Chinese officials:
a) Have not known about the disease for a long time.
b) Have been open with information about the disease.
c) Have known about the disease for several months, but have been quiet about it.
d) are just beginning to understand the disease.

2) In China health statistics are:
a) not interesting for the general public.
b) considered sensitive information and hidden from the public.
c) not collected regularly.
d) are considered politically insensitive.

3) SARS stands for:
a) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
b) Severe Acute Respiratory Symptom.
c) Severe Acute Response Syndrome.
d) Severe Acute Respiration Syndrome.

4) The disease first appeared:
a) recently in southern China.
b) In Beijing late last year.
c) recently in Beijing.
d) in southern China late last year.

5) According to the article:
a) Most people with SARS die from pneumonia.
b) People with SARS have pneumonia followed by severe flu-like symptoms.
c) People with SARS have flu-like symptoms followed by pneumonia.
d) The symptoms of SARS are not fully agreed on.

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