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US Seizes Massive Iraqi Terrorist Camp, says Gen. Franks

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QUESTIONS: Gapfill - Answers: Multiple Choice - Answers


1) US troops have seized:
a) a massive number of terrorists.
b) a massive terrorist camp.
c) a massive terrorist organization.
d) a massive part of Northern Iraq.

2) U.S. troops recently parachuted into northern Iraq because:
a) Iraqis and Kurds are fighting there.
b) different Kurdish groups are fighting there.
c) the Kurds are attacking U.S. troops.
d) it is a safeplace for troops to parachute into Iraq.

3) According to the report:
a) many of Iraq's oil fields have been damaged
b) southern Iraq oilfields are undamaged but not under coalition control.
c) southern Iraq oilfields are undamaged and under coalition control.
d) southern Iraq oilfields are damaged but under coalition control.

4) General Franks said he asked for 100,000 more troops:
a) because many soldiers have died.
b) because he wants the war to end as quickly as possible.
c) because resistance in central Iraq is strong.
d) as part of the original battle plan.

5) General Franks says there is proof Iraq supports terrorism because:
a) Iraq officially praised a recent suicide bombing.
b) it is generally obvious Iraq has many links to terrorism.
c) the U.S. seized a large terrorist camp.
d) they found many terrorists in the city of Najaf.

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