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International Student Handbook 2003

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This is the VOA Special English Education Report. We continue our series of reports about how foreign students can study at an American college or university. This information also can be found on the Special English Web page at w-w-w-dot-VOA-Special-English-dot-com.

Today, we tell about a book that can provide much of the information needed by international students planning to study in the United States. It is called ¡°The College Board International Student Handbook Two-Thousand-Three with Real Stuff CD-ROM.¡± It is published by the American College Entrance Examination Board. College Board officials say the book can help all international students. The book has more than three-hundred pages of information. It explains the American system of higher education. It tells how to apply for college in the United States. It explains college costs, living costs and what kinds of financial aid foreign students can get. It gives information about tests that a foreign student must take, and provides dates these tests are given.

One part of the book provides information about more than two-thousand-five-hundred American colleges. This material is organized for undergraduate and graduate students. The College Board says this contains all the detailed information an international student needs. The book also includes a new CD-ROM to be used with a computer. The CD permits students to link with computer college search programs and financial aid search programs. It also provides links to preparation programs for the S-A-T college entrance test.

The College Board publishes a new guide book each September, so the information is always correct. The book and CD-ROM cost about twenty-seven dollars. You can buy them by searching the College Board Internet Web site at w-w-w dot c-o-l-l-e-g-e-b-o-a-r-d dot com. Or you can write to the College Board, forty-five Columbus Avenue, New York, New York one-zero-zero-two-three, U-S-A. You may also be able to find the book and the CD-ROM for less money by searching the Web sites of companies that sell books on-line. These Web sites also list other publications that claim to provide similar information for international students.


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