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1.) My ____________ going on vacation in July. Many ___________ will be there.
a) family's/families
b) families/families
c) families/family's

2.) All the _________________ are dreading the quiz today. Calm down, _______________!
a) students/students'
b) students/student's
c) students/students

3.) My friends and I work at different companies. Our ________________ bosses are terrible.
a) company's
b) companies
c) companies'

4.) His _______________ keyboard is broken. He has to go to the ______________ store.
a) computers/computer
b) computer's/computer
c) computers/computer's

5.) This is my friend Kathy and this is _________________ boyfriend, Carl.
a) Kathy
b) Kathies'
c) Kathy's


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