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1.) The class is very __________________ for the students. They feel __________________.
a) confused/confusing
b) confused/confused
c) confusing/confused

2.) The movie ______________ me a lot. I am _____________ in it.
a) interesting/interested
b) interested/interests
c) interests/interested

3.) I feel ______________ reading this book. It is the most _____________ book I have ever read!
a) bored/boring
b) boring/bored
c) bored/bored

4.) The graphics in the film were _______________. She was ___________ watching it.
a) amazed/amazing
b) amazing/amazed
c) amazing/amazing

5.) I don't like watching __________ movies. I am too ___________ to watch them.
a) scaring/scary
b) scary/scared
c) scaring/scared


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