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ANIMAL TESTING - Is it really necessary?
BEST FRIEND - Talk about best friends and true friends.
COMPUTER GAMES - Do you like them, and why are they so popular?
DAILY ROUTINE - Do you need one, do you have one, and do you like it?
DISASTER - Disaster can happen anytime, so what can we learn from it?
DREAMS - What are your dreams - sleeping or waking?
HAPPINESS - What makes you happy?
HERO - Who you admire and what being a hero really means.
HOME - Is home a place, or also a state of mind?
LEARNING LANGUAGE - Can we really all speak together in one language?
LOOKS - It's important how you look, but can you see the inside as well?
MARRIAGE - Your views on the institution of marriage.
FAVORITE MOVIE - What's your favortie movie?
NUCLEAR POWER - Are the benefits worth the risks?
PET SHOP - What's happening with people and their pets?!
PRAYER - Many use and believe in it: do you think it has a real effect?
SHOPPING - Shopping is everywhere, but do you like shopping?
SPACE - We all live in space, what should we do with it?
SPORTS - Great exercise, but are they as fun to watch?
TELEVISION - Most of us like it, and watch a lot of it. What do you think?
TESTS - What do you feel about school and tests?
TRANSPORTATION - Modern transportation and how it affects all our lives.
TV VIOLENCE - How much does TV violence affect our behaviour?
UFOs - Do you believe there is really something else out there?
UNIQUENESS - What makes you unique?
UNIVERSITY - How important is university to you?

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