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Aesop's Fables

Aesop, 1882, Fables.
Three Hundred and Fifty Aesop's Fables, literally translated from the Greek by the Rev. George Fyler Townsend.

Shakespeare, Selected Works.

All's Well that Ends Well
Antony And Cleopatra
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Julius Caesar

Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures of

Complete Index of Adventures

The Junior Classics - World Fables Selected and Arranged by William Patten.

Tales of the American Indians
Tales from India
Tales from the Norseland
Tales from France, Spain, and Poland
Tales from Russia
Tales from Serbia
An Irish Tale
Tales from China and Japan
A Tale from New Guinea
A Tale from Jamaica
Some Old Favorites - (Grimm and H.C.Andersen Fairy Tales)

World Folk Tales.

Folk Tales:
African Folk Tales
Central Asian Folk Tales
Central European Folk Tales
Chinese Folk Tales

Frank B. Linderman, 1915, Indian Why Stories
Tales from American Indian folklore as related by Indian tribesmen, telling of the animal people, Old-man Napa, and illustrating a reverence for life and timeless moral truths.

The Twins Tales: - Lucy Fitch Perkins, 1911 onwards.

Selections from the very popular "Twins" series of children's books, each telling the story of a pair of twins in a different country or time in history.
The Twins Tales - Japan
The Twins Tales - Belgium

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