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Have Your Dating Experiences ALL Been Successful?

cuddling2If you answered that dating question with a resounding YES then congratulations you are one of a very elite group and the information you find here may be of very little use to you.

If, however, you answered with a big NO then, rest assured, you are not alone.

It's not easy searching the web and finding good answers to your problems is it?

There are literally thousands of people offering their thoughts, tips and opinions and you may end up visiting well over 50 different sites just to find that one piece of information you are looking for which can become an extremely time consuming exercise.

I know how frustrating this is because I used to do exactly the same thing myself. I'd spend hours searching through different websites looking for information and it was because of this reason that was created.

I decided enough was enough and it was about time to help people save their energy for more important things....Like going out on dates!!

You want to meet that special someone don't you?

Maybe be the envy of all your friends by proudly walking hand in hand with the love of your life?

Who doesn't, right?

If you're single or in a relationship, old or young, male or female, then this site is for you.

There are tons of articles covering many different topics and these are being added to on a regular basis.

So if you are looking for creative ideas on how to spice up a relationship, want some advice about kissing or are interested in taking the big step of dating online but don't know what to watch out for, how to build a profile or what sites to sign up to? then look no further.

And as an added extra, all of the articles on this site are completely FREE

No membership or access fees required - EVER!!

The site is very easy to navigate. Simply find a topic that is of interest to you on the left hand side of this page and click on the relevant button.

You will then be taken to the homepage of that topic and will see a number of links within the text that, when clicked on, will take you to the relevant articles, advice and recommendations.

Dating can be a very simple and rewarding experience and, with a bit of additional knowledge and some help from us, we hope to give you the confidence and faith in others you will need in order to find and keep your perfect partner.

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Dating Site Reviews - Reviews and rankings, online personals entertainment and industry news.

Dating Buddy Ezine
The free Dating Buddy ezine allows you to get your hands on a wealth of advice and tips surrounding many different areas of the dating scene. Get your copy now.

The Guru Center
Welcome to the Guru Center where you will find even more help and advice from many other experts in the dating and relationship field.

Welcome To The Confidence Center
Welcome to the Confidence Center where you will find lots of articles to help build your self confidence

A series of dating ebooks and self help reports
Want to become a better dater? Then check out our series of dating ebooks at the self help center

Dating Related Fun Stuff
Whats life without a bit of fun stuff? Here we look at the lighter side of dating and the singles scene.

Dating News And Views
Struggling to keep up to speed with all the changes in the dating world? Check out our up to the minute dating news and views page

Online Dating Sites
With thousands of online dating sites competing for your registration its hard to pick just one out. We do the hard work for you and review them in depth

Dating Resources
Get tons of other quality dating tips and advice from our dating resources page

Ask Sissy Your Dating Questions
Do you have any problems with dating or relationships? If so then isn't it about time to ask Sissy?

Dating Idol
Dating Idol follows the ups and downs in the life of a single woman on the dating scene. Follow her experiences every day and keep track of all her innermost thoughts

Dating Tips For Women
Dating issues? Problems with men? Desperately need help? Then check out our amazing dating tips for women and become the ultimate dater

Dating Tips For Men
Dating issues? Problems with women? Desperately need help? Then check out our amazing dating tips for men and become the ultimate dater

Dating Blog
The dating blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website. Subscribe here.

Teen Dating Tips
Dating problems? Not sure what to expect? How do you tell mom and dad? Find the answers in teen dating tips at

Creative Dating Ideas
Are you looking for creative dating ideas? Then visit and wow all of your dates

Dating Questions
Have you got any dating questions you want answered? Then visit our site and check out loads of free articles, tips and advice.

Dating Tips
Looking for some dating tips that will actually improve your life? Check out

Kissing Advice
Its one thing that can really make or break a relationship. Check out our kissing advice, tips and techniques.

Internet Dating
Internet dating is a great way to meet people but there can be many pitfuls. Check out our tips and advice to keep your online dating fun and safe.

Christian Dating
Christian Dating boils down to finding someone with a similar religion and belief in God. Find all sorts of christian dating advice at

Dating Dos And Donts
Are you and expert on dating do's and dont's? Learn all about dating dos and donts by checking out our free articles, tips and advice

Get a dating gift to impress your partner
Looking to impress your date? Then you need to check out these great dating gift ideas

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