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The Confidence Center

When it comes to self confidence some people seem to have loads of it whilst others have very little and live much of their lives in a shell.

There are many reasons for this and we will be looking at some of them in depth right here.

The articles will give you plenty of simple tips and techniques to improve your self esteem and allow you to enjoy many different aspects of your life.

Make sure you keep checking back for new articles or sign up for the Dating Buddy, our free, monthly ezine which will update you with whats new on the site as well as offer loads of other tips and advice available only to members.

Click on any of the links below to view the articles.

Simple Relaxation Skills

Self Hypnosis

The Confidence Line

Dealing With Criticism

Dressing For Success

Be Careful Of Your Friends

Only Compare Me, Not Thee

Self Talk - The Enemy To One And All

Ready, Set, Fail

The Comfort Zone

If, you have an issue that is not covered here then we would love to know about it so we can try and help. Either Contact Us and we will try to get an article written to help, or Ask Sissy and she will give you a more personal answer.

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